Concept of Classification
The Concept of Classification
Explain the concept of classification
Have you ever visited a library? How are the books arrangedand kept? Are they arranged randomly or systematically? Obviously the books are arranged systematically in the shelves. Science books are kept separately in their respective shelves. Science books are keptseparately from social or commercial books. Biology books are separated from physics books or chemistry books. Likewise, in the shop, laboratory or pharmacy items are sorted and placed on the basis of their similarities.
In the world, there are numerous varieties of living organisms.These organisms do vary in size, structure, shape, habitat, modeof feeding and even mode of reproduction. The organisms can be sorted out and placed into different groups based on their similarities. The system of sorting out and placing organisms into different groups on the basis of their similarities and differences is called classification.
Living Things According to Their Similarities and Differences
Group living things according to their similarities and differences
Activity 1
the external features of the following organisms:Lizard, sugar cane
plant, maize plant, shark, Tilapia, cactusplant, bat, cockroach,
butterfly, hen, goat, toad, frog, spider andorange plant
Activity 2
  1. Sort out the above organisms into plants and animals
  2. Classify the animals on the following basis
  3. Those with wings and those without wings
  4. Those with tails and those without tails
  5. Those with antennae and those without antennae
  6. Terrestrial and aquatic organisms
The Importance of Classifying Living Things
Explain the importance of classifying living things
The following are importances of classification
  1. Classification makes the study of living things easy
  2. Classification makes communication easy among biologists from different parts of the world
  3. It provides good organized system in which a newly identified organism can be easily fitted in future.
  4. It makes it easier to identify organisms
  5. It can be used to predict characteristics that are present in the members of the same group.


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