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Virtual therapy has been around for a while, but it really took off after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, whether it be through text, phone calls, videoconferencing, or email.

According to
 a 2021 trends report from the American Psychological Association (APA), without a pandemic-like event, the health care sector would never have fully embraced telehealth, according to Jeanine Turner, a telehealth expert and professor at Georgetown University.

 for farmers and ranchers seeking mental health. READ MORE.
But the industry was forced to change when
 COVID-19 restrictions made it impossible for people to receive in-person mental health care. Now that it has taken off, there is no turning back, she declares.

In May 2020, according to an APA survey, 64% of its members had no telehealth cases. However, once the pandemic took hold, 85% of members reported seeing more than three-fourths of their caseload via teletherapy. Visit apa.org to find out more.

A survey by the
 American Farm Bureau that looked at how the pandemic affected rural America’s mental health found that 44% of rural adults and 50% of rural adults believe that mental illness is stigmatized at least moderately in their community. Reducing the stigma associated with mental health in the agricultural community, according to nearly 90% of farmers, is important.

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 asked about obstacles to receiving treatment for a mental health condition, 73 percent mentioned cost, availability, accessibility, and stigma, as well as 63 percent stigma and 59 percent embarrassment.

Due to its increasing availability, therapy is now a viable option for people living in rural areas. Online
 treatment can aid in lowering or eliminating most, if not all, of those barriers.

You can find a match by conducting a quick online search for online therapists in your state.

In addition to Agriculture.com, Verywell Mind is a member of the Dotdash Meredith publishing family and provides ratings and reviews for websites and apps that assist users in finding therapists. The “Best Online Therapy Programs of 2023″ have been recognized. In-depth reviews and links to specific services can be found by clicking here. Top images on Verywell Mind include:.

 overall: Talkspace accepts insurance and ranges in price from $276 to $516 per month. It provides teen counseling, couples therapy, individual therapy, psychiatry, and medication management.

 for availability: BetterHelp has a sizable network of mental health specialists, so therapy is frequently available shortly after signing up. Insurance is not accepted, and individual therapy plans begin at $240 per month.
 for couples:

ReGain enables couples to work with a therapist who specializes in relationship therapy both jointly and individually. Cost of membership is $240 per month. Not accepted is insurance.
The ideal partner
 for psychiatry is talkiatry. more than 60 insurance providers to lower costs. It works with both adults and kids and provides individual therapy, medication management, and psychiatry.

The best facility
 for depression and anxiety is Brightside Health, which has a treatment program that combines therapy, medication, and self-care. Membership costs $95 per month and accepts insurance.
Most reasonably priced:
 E-Therapy Cafe offers individual and couples therapy for $55 per session, with membership options costing between $196 and $300 per month. We do not accept insurance.

The most adaptable
 is Thriveworks, which accepts insurance and has a $39 monthly membership fee in addition to provider-specific session costs. In most states, it provides couples, family, group, and individual therapy as well as medication management, psychiatry, and teen counseling in person or online.

 for accessibility: LiveHealth Online therapy sessions range from $80 to $95 each. The initial session in psychiatry costs $175, and subsequent sessions cost $75. Insurance is taken. Patients pay per session after signing up, which is free. Additionally to medication management, psychiatry, and adolescent counseling, therapy for children, couples, families, and individuals is also available.

The best deal is to use insurance because
 Teladoc Health provides psychiatric services that may be free if you have insurance. Unlike most other services, it also accepts a few Medicare and Medicaid plans. In addition to psychiatry, medication management is available.
 for family therapy: Little Otter charges $200 for each 45-minute session after a $90 fee for a 30-minute welcome session. Insurance is accepted. Up to 14-year-olds and their families can receive counseling, therapy, and medication management services from it.
 directory: GoodTherapy has the widest range of certified and licensed mental health professionals. Both in-person and hybrid models are available.

Whether the sessions are conducted online or in person, therapists need to be licensed in the state where the patient resides. Many states offer reciprocity with other states, and some therapists hold licenses in multiple states. Look online for services in your state if your insurance won’t help cover the cost of virtual therapy.

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 mental health conditions and medications call for in-person consultations. Still, for someone who has never sought therapy, online sessions can be a good place to start.

 is as effective as in-person sessions in the majority of cases, according to studies, says the APA.

The ability
 to access online therapy opens up mental health services to people in rural areas. Any time, in the privacy and comfort of your own home, you can speak with a therapist.

You can concentrate on choosing the program and therapist who will work best for you without worrying about getting to an in-person session.

 more about technology or health and safety.



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