International affair refers to the interactions between countries, which consist of self-interest strategies chosen by the states to safeguard their national interests both economically, socially, politically and technologically, so as to achieve goals within their international relations. The relations can be based on political, economic, diplomatic and culture relation among the nations.

It encompasses issues including International cooperation, among countries (both multilateral and bilateral one), the foreign policy, Globalization, Arbitration and reconciliation, world big powers and their role in maintaining world peace and understanding, as well as war against Terror.


The countries may form relations to safeguard their interests basing on various areas such as the following; –

Political relation; Is the cooperation whereby the two or more independent state share ideas above political matters

Diplomatic relation; Is the level of international relation whereby different embassies are involved in structuring political, economic, social and cultural matters within their home countries and the lost countries.
A diplomat is a person who officially represents his/her own country in a foreign country.

Cultural relation; among the nations can be started in various form like the exchange of dances troops, theater groups, Musician and also sports and games. e.g. through world cup, UEFA, Kagame Cup, FA Cup etc. different nations come together and compete. This situation develops strong culture relation.

Economic relation; Is the situation whereby two or more independent states share economic activities e.g. International trade. There are four forms of economic relations. These are free trade area, customs union, common market and economic union.


There are several forms of economic relations basing on the king of relation countries have chosen to enter. The following are the types;

A free trade area

This is a type of economic relation in which the member countries agree to eliminate trade restrictions such as tariffs, import and export quotas, which hinder free movement of goods and services, etc. in this form of economic relation, each member is free to establish independent tariffs (taxes on imports) against non member country

A custom union

This is the type of economic relation whereby the members have a common tariff against the non member countries

A common market

at this stage of economic relations, member countries establish common tariff against non member states but there is a free movement of goods and services among the member countries, i. e. capital and labour are free to move.

An economic union

This is a form of economic relations whereby member countries allow free movement of goods and services and at the same time institute joint ownership of certain enterprises and all economic policies are harmonized. E. g. enterprises like roads, railways, etc are jointly being carried out.


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